New Breakthrough in 2B Overseas Business: Hisense LED Display Unveiled in Thai TV Station and Indonesia Smart City Transport Hub

Recently, there has been a lot of good news on overseas B2B business expansion. Hisense 270-inch customized Hisense LED display for the Thai Parliament Television, the project is another benchmark case of Hisense commercial display products successfully landing in the Thai market following the projects of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Srinakharinwirot University. Meanwhile, another Hisense 252-inch LED display screen was unveiled at the local smart city transport hub in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. As the appointed brand directly under the Indonesian government, Hisense will also continue to deepen its cooperation with the Indonesian government in the field of smart cities.

As the image display window of the TV station, TPTV put forward certain requirements for the display picture quality, installation, and maintenance of LED products. To this end, the local team formulated a detailed plan to match the needs of the site from appearance size, scene demonstration and playback, image display, and daily maintenance. "The TV station is bound to require a stable operation. For this reason, we had configured the Hisense LED display into an intelligent dual backup system, which could automatically switch over in case of failure and still operate functionally", Poom, Sales Manager of Hisense B2B Business Development, and Liang Guo, Product Manager of Hisense B2B Business Development, said, “Hisense LED display supports dual redundant backup of power supply and dual signal input, which fully meets the rigid requirements of TV stations and makes it safer to use.”

It is reported that the Hisense LED display used in the Thai Parliament Television is the Vision X series. It integrates the advantages of seamless splicing, silent operation, stability and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in security monitoring, shopping malls, sports events, and many other fields.

Meanwhile, another good news came from the Indonesian market. Hisense's 252-inch LED display screen was unveiled at the CSW Bus Station, a smart city transportation hub in Jakarta.

Jakarta was once one of the top five most congested cities in the world, and the BRT system with independent lanes will play an important role in reducing traffic congestion in Jakarta. Thanks to Hisense's localized technical support and after-sales service in the Indonesian market, the B2B business development team successfully won the Indonesian smart city project. After a comprehensive evaluation, the CSW bus station located in the M block of South Jakarta was selected to be the first one to start the smart transportation experiments. After completion, Hisense's LED display screen will display traffic and timetable information in real-time, providing a more convenient, comfortable, and convenient transportation environment for local residents to travel. At the same time, Hisense will also establish a more in-depth cooperative relationship with the Indonesian government and continue to provide smart bus system solutions.

As an important section for overseas business in 2022, the B2B business development team has made significant breakthroughs in B2B industries for enterprises, institutions, and governments, such as commercial displays, ultrasonic medical, and smart city solutions. The cooperation with Thai Parliament Television and Indonesia's smart city construction demonstrates Hisense's fast-gaining momentum in the B2B industry. In the future, Hisense will accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, increase resource investment and business expansion in the B2B segment, and further enhance the brand influence of overseas 2B business.