On June 19, the international independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, TUV Rheinland Group (TUV Rheinland) visits Hisense and grands the product privacy protection certification to the Android smart TV and VIDAA smart TV of Hisense Visual Technology Co.,Ltd. Hisense becomes the world's first TV brand getting the product privacy protection certification issued by TUV Rheinland. Dr.Chen Weikang, Vice President of Business Stream Industrial Services & Cybersecurity at TUV Rheinland Greater China,Wang Huibo, Managing Director of TUV Rheinland Qingdao,Liu Xin,Deputy Chairman of Hisense International,Liu Yong, Assistant Vice President of Hisense International and other members attended this event.

In the information age, the amount of created, acquired and stored digital information increases exponentially, but the abuse of data by enterprises occurs constantly. After the European Union's General Data Protection Act (GDPR) introduced, enterprises involved in European business are required to comply with GDPR requirements, and companies that break the rules will be fined heavily.  Hisense seeks "opportunity" in this "crisis", tries to make positive changes and strives to occupy a good position in the industry change seeking for new areas of profit growth.


European market has always been an important part of Hisense’s internationalization strategy. At present, Hisense regards Germany as the key market, also attaches importance to the development of Western Europe markets such as Spain, Italy, Britain and France. In order to reduce the risks faced by users, Hisense strictly abides by the requirements of GDPR and CCPA, and has deep communication with TUV Rheinland. Starting from TV product, data transmission and cloud service, Hisense ensures TV products equipped with Android and VIDAA U4 operating system meet the requirements of personal data protection.

In this program, TUV Rheinland has evaluated and verified Hisense Android smart TV and VIDAA smart TV based on its own corresponding privacy protection standards, referring to the requirements of GDPR and CCPA regulations and combining its own experience. The results show that Hisense smart TV leads in data protection and data security in data flow, network transmission, document recording and function design.

Hisense concentrates on the data protection of users and adheres to the principle of "minimum data collection" to reduce data collection. In addition, Hisense appoints data protection officers and organizes a data protection team, and formulates data production procedures to protect users' personal data security. Hisense will continue making long-term plans and cooperate with TUV Rheinland in the field of data production in the future. In order to improve consumers' cognition and appreciation of Hisense, we will insist in carrying out personal data protection around the world, winning the trust of consumers constantly to discover new highlights in the growth of overseas markets.

Hisense has always adhered to the development strategy of “Sound Technological Foundation and Robust Operation”.  As the world's leading TV brand, Hisense will not only focus on research and development investment, but also pay attention to data protection, and finally become the most reliable brand in the world!