Hisense, a leading television and appliance manufacturer and global sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020™, released its brand new and world leading Hi Table smart system for large-screen social scenarios. Based on Hisense VIDDA AI system, Hi Table integrates TV, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and social scene, allowing football fans and users to fully participate in Hisense's updating watching and social experience.

Hisense TV will provide users with the experiences of eight highly futuristic interactive scenarios, including six-party video chat, cinema sharing, 3D Avatar, AR, multi-screen communication, people recognition, future life scenarios and AIOT. The new smart system continues the Family Social function launched by Hisense in 2014, which spans the real and virtual worlds to bring families and like-minded people together.

The features of six-party video chat and cinema sharing will support users to real-time chat with family and friends when they are watching TV shows and sports matches together.

Hi Table with 3D Avatar technology create large-screen virtual karaoke experience. The feature generates customized 3D virtual images for users and supports them to play karaoke with friends in different settings.

The feature of people recognition will customize smart albums for users with automatic camera technology of gesture and voice recognition. In the near future, the feature will also support more intelligent scenarios such as calorie monitoring, health management and clothe matching. Users will also be awestruck by the feature of future life scenarios, which will support users set up their own home through the large-screen 3D virtual interactive platform and experience various future lives in their imagination.