On the evening of 23rd August, Hisense South Africa #LifeIsBetter Home Appliances New Product Launch was successfully held in Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 100 guests were invited to the event, in addition to South Africa's local core customers, customers from surrounding exporting countries and more than 20 local media from South Africa were also invited to attend.

8月23日晚,海信南非Life is Better家电新品发布会在约翰内斯堡举行,百余位嘉宾受邀出席活动,除南非及周边出口国家的优质客户核心团队外,南非当地20多家媒体也应邀出席。

At the beginning of the conference, attendees first reviewed the sales performance and significant marketing activities of Hisense Group, Hisense International and Hisense South Africa with a brilliant opening video. Then moved to the theme of #LifeIsBetter of the launch, which took the guests enter the "Wonderful Morning with Hisense" tour. Through the interaction between the speakers and dancers and products, to present the wonderful life that Hisense home appliances brought to the customers. At the conference, Hisense South Africa released the "Onyx" series of black stainless steel brushed panel appliances, including H700SS-IDB refrigerator, WDBL1014VT washing machine, washer and other cooking appliances.


Mr.Jerry Liu, The general manager of Hisense Middle-East Africa, said in his speech: "Hisense South Africa has always been committed to bring high quality products to consumers in South Africa and Southern Africa. Innovation and technology are our core competitiveness. When I come back this time I find the great opportunity for TV content and software because of the improvement of internet. It can give more value to customers and end users. We’ve been working with global partners for years like Netflix, YouTube, Google, Amazon and local partners like Showmax and DSTV, to put latest content into our smart TVs and we will keep providing better experience to our end users with more value. We must put our effort to continuously promote high-end quality products while strengthening cooperation with content providers. Customers are our precious wealth. "


At present, Hisense has become a leading brand in the home appliance industry in South Africa. Hisense should always remember our initial wish and target and grow together with our customers, to further enhance the growth of export business and the brand influence of Hisense.


Hisense South Africa also announced that they are implementing the "Training 1000" training project in coming 5 years, using the manufacturing technology of Hisense South Africa to train thousands of technicians in South Africa and increase technology transfer to local South Africa, contributing more jobs and skill development for South African communities.

借发布会之机,海信南非公司同时对外宣布将在未来5年内完成“Training 1000”培训项目,利用海信南非公司的工厂平台和技术优势,在当地培训千名技术人才,加大技术转移,为南非当地的就业和人才培养贡献力量。