LED Walls

Superb Picture Quality, Any Shape Thinkable is Possible.

8K Control and 24 Bit Color Process Depth

Hisense’s 8K LED control system has the largest capacity, and highest color processing depth in the world. With super large 8K loading capacity, 24 bit color processing depth and super gray scale processing capability, with the best color reproduction and super high resolution, maximizing advertising impact and brand reputation.

HDR Wide Color Gamut

Through the HDR controller to adjust the gain and the parameters of our LED color gamut, achieve the high contrast of showing performance with better color reproduction.

Brightness & Chroma
Pixel-level Calibration

Color calibration is a core technology which is used to enhance the bright uniformity and color fidelity of the LED display. By collecting each pixel brightness region data to get the correction coefficient for each sub-matrix color. The LED display image color gets real restore finally.

Comfortable Eye Feel

Filter blue light technology and eye protection mode to effectively reduce blue light, and watch it for a long time without worrying about hurting your eyes.

Built To Last

The service life of the LED screen is determined by the product design, manufacturing process, and quality management.
All our LED panels go through multiple tests including thermal shock, temperature, humidity, vibration, and salt spray tests to prove their strength, reliability and durability.

LED Software

Hisense LED software is designed for installation and events application, which has friendly and easy operation interface. Based on customer requirements study, we also include unique features, such as edge compensation and flexible configuration.


ModelP 3.0P 4.0P 4.8P 6.0P 8.0P 10.0P 10.0-CP 16P 16-D
Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD
Refresh Rate(Hz)384038403840384038401,30018,00016,000800
Contrast Ratio 4500:14500:14500:14500:14500:15000:15000:15000:13000:1
Resistance GradeClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-AClass-BClass-AClass-A
Cabinet Size(mm)960 X 720960 X 720960 X 720960 X 720960 X 7201280 X 9601600 X 9001600 X 960960 X 960
IP RatingIP67IP67IP67IP67IP67IP65IP65IP65IP65


ModelP 3.9*7.81P 7.81P 10 P 12 
Led Type R,G,B 3 in 1 Color Package (SMD2516)R,G,B 3 in 1 Color Package (SMD4312)R,G,B 3 in 1 Color Package (SMD4312)R,G,B 3 in 1 Color Package (SMD4312)
Refresh Rate(Hz)3840384038403840
Contrast Ratio Max 3000:1Max 3000:1Max 3000:1Max 3000:1
Resolution256 X 128128 X 128100 X 10080 X 80
Pixels Per Panel (256 X 128)32,768(128 X 128)16,384(100 X 10)10,000(80 X 80)6,400
Dimension(WxHxD)1000 X 1000 X 1001000 X 1000 X 1001000 X 1000 X 1001000 X 1000 X 100


Model P 1.25P 1.29P 1.88P 2.5P 4.0P 6.0
Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD
Refresh Rate(Hz)384038403840384038403840
Contrast Ratio 3000:13000:13000:13000:13000:13000:1
Resistance GradeClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-BClass-B
Cabinet Size(mm)600×337.5480*480480*480480*480960*720960*720
Cabinet Weight(kg)
IP RatingIP40IP30IP30IP30IP30IP30


SeriesPixel Pitch (mm)Diode TypeRefresh Rate (Hz)Brightness (nits)Contrast RatioResistance GradeCabinet Size (mm)Cabinet Weight (kg)IP Rating
IXP0.9Mini 4 in13840600-8008000:1Class-B600*337.58.3IP40
IXP1.5Mini 4 in13840800-10008000:1Class-B600*337.58.3IP40