Video Conferencing

Hisense’s WR series has certified its compatibility with mainstream video conference software, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, to bring you an integrated remote video experience. No need to set up eliminating a waste of time to set up or change input on incoming calls, breaking the time and distance restrictions, opening an efficient meeting anytime and anywhere depends on what you want.

Drawing and content recognition

Hisense’s WR series is equipped with intelligent drawing recognition technology, which recognizes squares, circles, triangles, arrows, line segments, etc. In addition, you can draw a table on the screen and the table will adapt its size along with the touch-written content.

Wireless Casting

Besides connecting your laptop through regular cabled methods, you can also connect with one touch using the included dongle. Plug it into your laptop and the content will instantly show on the board through fast and stable transmission (supports iOS / Android / Windows / Mac). Or choose for even less effort and connect your smartphone or tablet using the hotspot function of the Interactive Digital Board.
Writing facts*:
  • Writing delay: < 40 ms
  • Writing accuracy: 2mm
  • Writing point: 20 simultaneous touchpoints
  • Writing scope: unlimited roaming
  • Writing stroke optimization
Comparison with entry-level products*:
  • Boot speed is 24 seconds: 21.7% faster
  • Whiteboard app start speed is 1.2 seconds: 29.3% faster
  • Opens a 150MB document in 5 seconds: 15.0% faster
  • Writing fluency is 32.0% higher


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